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So I have to admit that being self quarantining has totally inspired me to decorate and organize spaces throughout my duplex. I have been living in this apartment for about two years and although all the major furniture has been in place, I have yet to really decorate and personalize most areas in my home.

Since that’s where my mind has been a lot lately, I have shared some of my spaces more often with my followers on IG and all my recent finds and newest additions. I have been scouring the internet for organizational and decorative pieces alike and have shared some of those in recent posts as well.

On today’s post I’m sharing some ideas, inspo and solutions for areas I’ve been working on. If you follow along on the gram, you’ll have seen my office area is the loft space of my duplex. I love it for all the natural light it gets, and it’s spacious enough to house some hanging clothing racks and shelving I use for folded pieces and accessories. I’ve already shared some larger pieces I’ve added to the space in previous posts, but today’s office inspo board includes additional picks I’ve been eyeing. All are from Walmart and are a combination of desks, seating and shelving with some decorative accents. I recently picked up a white velvet ottoman from Amazon, but found this almost identical faux fur option. Either would make a great vanity stool or additional occasional seating.

Being a fashion blogger, my closets and wardrobe storage is ever evolving and so I always keep an eye out for something that might add value to those spaces and help them function more efficiently. These closet solutions from Amazon all come highly rated and there’s so many good options for organizing. Roll over any of the images to take a closet look!

Nothing like sheltering at home to light the fire you needed to get those things you’ve been putting off done. But enjoying the process in finally taking the time to spruce up the place I’m spending my most time in!




  1. What is the kitchen cart you posted from amazon
    It’s white and has the microwave on it. I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Can you please give me details
    Thank you

  2. So many great options! Can’t believe they’re all from Walmart – I need one of those cute pink chairs!

    xx Mollie

  3. Ok this is seriously the best post and I just pinned them all! We’re in the midst of a home renovation, and I get totally overwhelmed by the thoughts of organizing things in new ways. Thanks for the help 🙂

  4. Ok I geeked out over this post. I love seeing how other women organize their homes. You have some great finds and definitely getting some of these for my own home.

  5. Love all your finds!! I recently started working on getting my office/glam space set up. I need a chair and the pink is so cute.

  6. Well, my home wishlist just tripled! I want that velvet chair and so many of the bathroom organization products. This is tempting!

  7. It’s been kind of nice getting organized in isolation! My house has never been cleaner or more organized!

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