Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

Must Have Casual Spring Outfits

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Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

I’m no longer keeping up with the calendar these days so I often forget what days of the week it is. Seems to be the running joke on social media, so at least I’m not the only one, lol.

So I haven’t been going out at all except for the essentials, but I pretty much order almost everything I need online anyway so even less so these days. Because of that, I have been making more of an effort to get “dressed” daily. So what does that look like? Well if I’m being completely honest, it goes from cozy pajamas to cozy clothes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look pulled together!

The simple process of getting “ready” every day has been a daily routine I have come to look forward to. I put the word ready in quotes because I just mean the full effort of doing my hair, some minimal makeup or maintenance that marks the start of my day.

On today’s post I’m sharing some of my old faves like my plush faux fur slippers from Amazon that I pretty much live in, and some new pieces that have easily become repeat offenders in my weekly rotation like these super soft and cozy high waisted camo joggers from Express. I had to talk myself out of wearing them every day so I made sure to order a couple other colors as well as the matching camo tee.

Any one of the countless Adidas sneakers I own have been my go to for outside errands, but lately have been wearing my cheetah print Supergas more often because they are an easy neutral. Love them paired with this olive Tularosa sweater. Another cozy basic that begs to be accessorized with animal print anything like I did with this western leopard belt and clutch.

Styling clothes have become less of my day to day lately but keeping the routine has kept a sense of normalcy that I can get behind. I encourage you to shop your wardrobe or pick up some new pieces and have fun with it! If you pick up any of these, snap a pic and tag me on Instagram…would love to see how you styled it!

Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

Blogger Sarah Lindner Sharing Spring outfit style.

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  1. it definitely makes me feel better to get dressed! some days i definitely don’t get out of my sweats, but some days I do! I guess thats the new normal. loving some of these pieces.

    xx rebecca //

  2. I think for the first 2 weeks of quarantine, people were living for endless days in their comfies. After… however many days we’ve been in lockdown now, it seems all that anyone wants to do is finally have an excuse to dress up. I love that you found a happy middle-ground with comfy and cute looks here!

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