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How To Choose The Perfect Cardigan

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner1 Comment

A cardigan sweater is one of those staples every woman should have in their closet. In my case, my closet is basically made up of cardigans. They come in many shapes and sizes, prints, and colors that we should all be able to find the perfect cardigan that fits our body. Cardigans are more flexible than your average sweater, which …

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Do’s and Don’ts To Flare Jeans

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner1 Comment

Flares are just about the most exciting thing to happen to denim since distressed skinny jeans in my closet. I bet you never thought you’d see so many women abandon their skinny jeans for that wide leg flare bell bottoms​. But​ if you’re a skinny leg lover, let me tell you why you should try your first pair of flares. …

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How To Choose The Best Boots For Fall

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner8 Comments

If you couldn’t tell by now, I live in these Vince Camuto Booties that I scored during Nordstrom NSALE. One of the first things to go when fall comes is sandals. It’s time to start the transition into a real shoe, but it’s still too soon for boots. Except the open toe bootie is the perfect combo of​ a​ sandal …

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Southdown Coffee in Oyster Bay

In Fashion, New York, Travel by Sarah Lindner9 Comments

​If you are a blogger or follow any on instagram​,​ you know that the perfect latte art for a picture is a must! On a​n​ island that is 118 miles long filled with restaurants and shops​,​ you wouldn’t think it would be this hard to find a place that can make a heart in your latte​. B​​ut for years I …

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Pizza Party at Pizza Barn, Yonkers

In Fashion, New York, Travel by Sarah Lindner7 Comments

Don’t adjust your screen, you’re not seeing things. This is the world’s biggest slice of pizza! So what do you do with the biggest slice of pizza? You take a picture with it and “DO IT FOR THE GRAM!”​, a​s we always say. So we finally decided to take the 45 minute drive into Yonkers to the home of the …

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What To Wear Wine Tasting or Flower Picking

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner4 Comments

If you are heading to the farm stands this fall or to your local vineyard for wine tasting, you might be a little unsure about what to wear. While there ​isn’t any dress code, you should always wear what you’re comfortable in. Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared. Heels or Flats Some vineyards or farm stands have …

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How To Select Jeans For Your Body Type

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

There is nothing more frustrating than trying on a pair of jeans in the department store and committing to drop over $200 on them and then getting home and feeling disappointed by your decision. I want to make sure we all don’t have this experience anymore in our life. So this​ past​ weekend​,​ I headed to Norstrom to try on …

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How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner24 Comments

​I​s​ there any bigger compliment than when a stranger stops and asks that question “ Where did you get that?​”. ​ This normally happens when I am wearing my most luxurious looking items, whether they are actually pricey or not. I normally wear clothing that is less than $150 per piece. I always say that if you add a designer …

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Fredericia, Denmark in June

In Denmark, Fashion, Travel by Sarah Lindner14 Comments

Fredericia, Denmark was one of my stops on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of The Sea’s. I was on my way to meet the Danes! The population of Fredericia is 51,000. It was founded in 1650 by Frederik II as a fortress- town. Prior to my arrival here, I was told that the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world …

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Three Day’s in Saint Petersburg, Russia

In Fashion, Russia, Travel by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

St. Petersburg, Russia on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of The Sea’s was one of my favorite stops. If you didn’t already know, my great grandparents are from St. Petersburg, making me half Russian. We had three full days in Russia and although this was one of our longest stops on the cruise, three days is not long enough to see everything …