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I was seriously riding the struggle bus this morning and couldn’t for the life of me find the energy to get out of bed. The Monday after Daylight Savings is always the worst for me; I spend a good part of the day in a fog and clueless of the actual time. I cannot understand why this is still a thing… please tell me I’m not the only one?

I am all for #teamstopdaylightsavings as I am still definitely off my routine, but today is at least better. With the time change now behind us,  Spring is fast approaching and it is only a matter of  days. Can you feel it?!?!? With the warmer weather comes a revival of all the seasonal activities and outdoor pastimes. I am seriously hoping to enjoy the season more this year than last since I spent most of it in lockdown status (crossing fingers!).

I can’t imagine we are yet ready for larger, more crowded seasonal activities like music festivals, at least not here in New York, (maybe virtually instead?). I am thinking with drops in covid cases and increased populations getting vaccinated that at least in some places it will start to look a little more like things did pre-pandemic. But if you’re more like me with no intention of attending a single music festival event this season, but still looking to give your Spring wardrobe a refresh, I rounded up some of my favorite budget friendly finds from Walmart.

I rounded up a healthy mix of Spring essentials, dresses and even luxury accessory dupes to achieve that look for less! Walmart is definitely bringing their fashion game, staying on top of hot trends and offering all the popular options. What are you most looking forward to wearing this season?


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  1. I literally ALWAYS forget about Walmart fashion. I think that’s because I never go to the store itself haha. But I’ll have to check their website because I like a lot of what you shared here!

  2. Those tie dye sneakers look super cute. I wonder how comfortable they are!?

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