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What better way to kick off comic con in NYC with my awesome cosplay Halloween costume. If you don’t know by now, I am Disney OBSESSED! It was only suiting for me to do a Disney themed Halloween costume and who better to dress up as than Maleficent.

This is how I created my Maleficent inspired costume:

You can save yourself money if you have a black maxi dress and heels.

  • Cape: I rented a cape at a local costume store for $25 for 3 days
  • Heels: Were purchased on clearance at Charlotte Russe for $9.99
  • Staff: I purchased the staff on ebay but it can be purchased almost all over the internet for $22.99
  • Choker: The choker was handmade by the very talented Susan. I meet her through ebay from another costume piece I had purchased and asked her if she could make me this choker as well as a few other costume pieces. Her custom pieces gave my looks the finishing touches they needed! If you need help with any handmade Halloween costumes you can email her at dsknorr@yahoo.com
  • Gloves: I purchased the gloves on amazon which included the ring right before Halloween season for $19.99 but now can be purchased cheaper here for $10.99
  • Dress: The maxi dress was purchased at Charlotte Russe on clearance for $14.99
Now onto Maleficent costume makeup: 
  • Eyes: To create the exact look I was going for it was all in the makeup. One just cant be the best villain without those spooky, hypnotizing eyes. You can purchase greenish yellow contacts or use your natural eyes like I have here. To recreate the hypnotizing eyes Angelina Jolie’s had in the movie posters I enhanced the look by a strip of false eyes lashes, black eye-liner, and extremely arched eyebrows.
  • Cheek bones: For the cheek bones you can purchase prosthetic cheek bones (which I was unable to find at the time) or you can go very heavy and harsh on your contouring to create those gaga-esque chiseled cheek bones.
  • Skin: For the perfect pale skin I used a foundation color paler than my natural skin tone and applied it with wet sponge.
  • Lips: For lips as red as blood you can purchase Macs lipglass as I have here or for a longer lasting lip color you can purchase a pair of blood red temporary lip tattoos
  • Makeup suggestion: Check out Macs Maleficent line of makeup for some easy go to colors.

Check back tomorrow for my back up handmade costume.

Let the countdown to Halloween begin!

Dress: Charlotte Russe black maxi dress :: Heels: Charlotte Russe :: Cape: rented from costume America :: Cane: Maleficent staff :: Horns: Disney’s Maleficent deluxe horns :: Gloves: Disney Maleficent gloves with ring :: Necklace: Handmade by Susan you can find her on etsy BellaBlueOriginals

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