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If you have been following along on IG, you will have seen I went through a rough start to the New Year with the loss of my best friend and fur baby Bear. It has not been an easy transition to a life without him because he was such a big part of my life for the last seventeen years.

A full month has gone by since his passing on New Year’s Eve, and although I did not shy away from sharing my loss and vulnerability on IG, I wasn’t quite ready to formally share on the blog. Perhaps I’ll put together a future post dedicated just to Bear, but I say all this because my place just isn’t the same without him. So for me, that means a full on overhaul of my apartment to breathe some fresh air into the space. It’s on a solemn note that I’m taking steps to redecorate (and honestly am currently looking into finding a new place altogether), but for me it’s a necessary transition and the process has been cathartic to say the least.

Still trying to keep things business as usual (as best possible) as this is my livelihood, so I thought while I shopped around, I’d put together some budget friendly home finds from Walmart. With the exception of my bed and maybe sofa, I’m pretty much looking to revamp all rooms, so I included furniture pieces for the living room to include additional seating and shelving storage as well as dining and family room options.

I will be sure to share new pieces as I receive them, so if you’re interested in what I end up picking up, follow along on IG for the progress. For those who have already extended their love and support, thank you. Your kindness during this difficult time has not gone unnoticed. ♥


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  1. Walmart sure has come a long way with the items and quality of items that they offer. Thank you for these great finds. I might have to go look for some of these to make new additions in my home.

  2. I really like these neutral decor pieces. I was so bummed that my favorite chair is out of stock, but I’m watching the website in hopes that it will come back!

  3. Wow I am so sorry for the reason behind the redecorating. it is sooooo hard to lose a pet <3 sending love your way, and hope that redecorating will help you deal with the loss <3

    xx reb //

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