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Boho, Vintage Chic and Glam Home from Walmart

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If you have been following along, you may have read my recent Amazon home favorites post where I mentioned experimenting with different home design styles and incorporating some new finds into my home. Today I’m sharing some different styles, all from Walmart with the same idea in mind.

For a little back story on my home decor journey, you may want to refer to that specific post where I cover the jist of why I have decided to venture outside of my comfort zone with regard to styling my apartment. Ultimately I’m enjoying with playing with different styles and had already shared some farmhouse, cottage and mid century inspired decor.

Today I’m sharing some boho, vintage chic and glam vibes. Regardless of how different these styles are, keeping in same color families helps them work together. Even seeing these mood boards together, I can already envision these pieces living together in one space harmoniously.

If you have followed me for any length of time, I started the year wanting to refresh my space and fell in love with all things blush and gold like I featured on this glam board. Once quarantine became the new normal, it accelerated my process and I was in full nesting mode. But as I started picking up new pieces I realized I didn’t want too much of the same look and wanted to avoid things looking all matchy-matchy. So I kept and open mind and entertained other decor styles to see if any peak my interest.

Besides the budget friendly prices, Walmart is great for this because they make it easy for the decor newbie to get some style inspiration. You can shop decor by room, mood and style and the is helped give me an idea of how different themes can work together or can even shop the look with a completely staged room if you wanted to replicate the look.

Have you been sprucing up your home during quarantine?







  1. loving so many pieces here and am so grateful you are always sharing your picks! some serious home inspo here, from wal-mart no less!

    xx rebecca //

  2. One of everything, please and thanks! I love these home decor picks. You’ve got such incredible taste in interior decorating!

  3. Wow! I am loving all of these finds! I definitely have some shopping to do now! Thank you for sharing these it’s so helpful! Xo

  4. Vintage chic is definitely my top style. I love the light pink and neutral colors, plus the sophistication of the pieces is also really key in how and where the furniture will be placed. You always want it to come together, so I think the foresight ahead of time is the best.

  5. i didn’t know Walmart had such great boho finds! Obsessed with all these great pieces!

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