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Target Patio and Home Style

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I have been sharing a lot of home finds recently on my blog, most of which have come from delivery friendly retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Target has always been more of an in-store experience. Something about the thrill of the hunt finding those hidden gems on aisle end caps or rummaging through clearance racks that always makes you wonder how on earth you’re checking out with two hundred extra dollars worth of product in your cart, lol.

But if you have been around for a while, you may know some of my favorite wardrobe organization pieces are Target purchases. My clothing rack that I use to style a lot of my fashion purchases on Instagram and this shelving unit I use to organize the bulk of my accessories have been long time favorites now, so I decided to style some boards featuring some favorite Target home finds and admittedly found some pieces I couldn’t resist ordering!

Of all my shopping online adventures, this wicker egg chair takes the cake. It’s things like this that have me wishing I had more than a small apartment balcony as my only outdoor space. Sadly this beauty is too big for the minimal square footage I have, but it’s boho patio dream vibe, deep seat cushion coziness would totally have made it’s way home with me if I had somewhere to put it!

I found some great larger furniture pieces but I almost always fall for Target’s endless selections of decorative accents. I especially love home accessory pieces from their Opalhouse and Heath and Hand in-house lines, and love the budget friendly selections of their Threshold and Project62 ones.

Local Targets have remained opened for the entirety of quarantine, but I have yet to step foot inside one in months now. Looking forward to filling my cart sooner than later!

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  1. Yes! I have been looking at sooo much furniture lately since I just moved. This is so helpful!

  2. Target is one of my go-to home shopping spots, and all of these pieces are just to die for! I love them.

  3. so many great pieces, as always! I have been looking for a fun accent chair and I am loving the pink one here!

  4. I’ve definitely taken my fair share of Target trips this quarantine to stock up!

  5. This is definitely in line with what I’ve been eyeing – a lot of that furniture is actually being delivered this week so can’t wait to share and see what you think with everything since you have such great taste!

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