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Shopping eBay for Athleisure Wear

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins sharing fashion and home finds from Ebay.

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins sharing fashion and home finds from Ebay.

With online shopping breaking records at this time, you may have noticed conventional and big box retailers selling out of popular or high in demand items.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have you given eBay a try? Although the platform is not new to me, I’ve been shopping on the site more frequently since sheltering at home. I have used eBay for many years to find personalized items or looking to score a good deal on something specific, but with things quickly selling out at other retailers, I’ve looked to eBay for some of my finds more recently.

Once brick and mortar stores started closing their doors, one of the many things to quickly sell out was fitness apparel and all the cozy lounge and athleisure wear, including my favorite Nike funnel neck hoodies. Sure enough, I was able to find several listings still available on eBay. The site is especially good for finding trendy and limited edition sneakers that stores can’t seem to keep stocked on their shelves. Finding a good deal is an extra perk; I’ve often found pairs up to 60% off retail on brand new sneakers from popular brands like Adidas and Nike!

Even if you are not looking for something specific, but just looking to get a great deal and save a few bucks, eBay makes it easy to shop by category, so if you’re looking for any and all activewear, it’s corralled all in one place. From there you can filter by preferences, narrowing your search until you find your desired item(s).

Additionally, with so many more people now working from home, many are looking to add or upgrade their work spaces and home offices. I know I definitely have! Part of my loft work space in my apartment is organizational pieces to house all of wardrobe and work accessories, (and now my ever-growing sneaker collection, lol). If you’re looking or something similar, eBay has a plethora of options to cater to any need you might be trying to find solutions for!

Next time you’re shopping online, maybe give eBay a try if you haven’t already. A great deal may be waiting!

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  1. How nice! I have been scrolling through online stores, but I never know how to make sure I’m getting good stuff on eBay.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ah I haven’t thought to check eBay and I totally will! I love your leopard sneakers!

  3. Well, I might not be looking for athleisure, but you did just remind me that I need to check eBay for a couple other items! Thanks for that haha! I’m going onto their website right away.

  4. Super cute kicks! I have used Ebay in the past, but definitely not recently. I will have to look into it! I bet they will have things that no one else does.

  5. I had no idea you could find all that on Ebay! Those black and white spotted sneakers are seriously stunning!

  6. I haven’t purchased on eBay in years! Quite frankly, their site overwhelms me. But it looks like you found some great pieces.

  7. Hi,

    Did you get that sunglasses rack from ebay as well ? If not, where can I get it?



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