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Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Last weekend I managed to cross something off, if not my bucket list, then at least my stuff I really want to do list: attend an NYCFC match, sit pitchside, and go back into the players locker room. Can I say, my dreams were made! The best part of attending this game was NYCFC won! 2-0. ​

There are many reasons why someone may or may not want to attend a soccer match. There are some stories of fights, attacks and other foul play before, during and after a match. But when you are looking at all of the games played through​ the year, these are just a few incidents and should not steer you from attending a match. For the most part, going to a soccer match is quite fun and exciting, and a great taste of culture. Experiencing a NYCFC game live is a must. It’s actually one of my personal favorite sports to watch live.

When first walking into the iconic Yankee stadium and seeing the pitch​,​ it’s amazing to know that NYCFC and The New York Yankees both call this home. The stadium is filled with tons of fans decked out in NYCFC gear. It is the perfect weekend event for families, friends, couples and even first dates. ​You also see a t​on of fans representing other teams as well. It’s a place where all soccer fans come together.

Tips For Going To A Game:

As a women​,​ the first thing I think about when planning a visit to a stadium is what to wear. After all, I want to look cute. What if David Villa comes up to me and wants to talk. I need to look ​look my best!​ Prior to attending the match, check the weather. If you are heading to one of the earlier games in the season​,​ you want to ​keep warm because it’s probably going to be cold. Depending on the month, wear 2-3 layers plus a coat and let’s not forget your favorite NYCFC players jersey to show your support.

When planning to go to a soccer game, it is a good idea to do some pre-planning and prepare yourself for what to expect when at a match. The first thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with soccer. Read up on the rules and history of the sport. This will help reduce questions during the game.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your day runs smoothly!

  • If you’d like to see the teams warming up before the match, leave 1hr and 30mins before kick off. If you aren’t bothered and want to watch the match, leave 1hr before kick off. Depending on where you live.
  • Park your car close and walk to the stadium. Parking usually costs around $42 unless you can find street parking.​
  • Check your ticket and head to the turnstile. When arriving at the turnstile​,​ you will probably be checked by security so it’s best to only come in with the necessities.
  • Be sure to have a restroom break before doing anything else. The toilets usually get pretty busy at halftime so its best to force yourself to go.
  • If ​you are ​buying a drink or food, head to the bars before going to your seats. Stadium food​ includes: burgers, hot dogs etc. Prices vary on each item.
  • Find your seats and read the program, eat your food and watch the players warm up until kick off.
  • Enjoy the match!

Get Involved!

Chanting is a must at any Football match. Don’t worry if you can’t understand the chants at first, they are frequent so make sure to pay attention and listen closely because by the end of the match​,​ you will definitely be joining in and participating to your fullest. Be aware​ that​ these chants have forever been stuck in my mind from matches.

Pay Close Attention.

Make sure to pay attention to what’s going on in the match. The stadium television monitors do not show replays. The main reason is for the referees safety. Don’t waste time waiting for the replay because they won’t come. The best solution is to put away an​y​ distractions such as your phone and enjoy living in the moment.

Be sure to sit in the right section.

Each stadium is divided into a home section and an away section. The majority of stadiums do not include a neutral section, so you are either a fan of NYCFC or a fan of team B, you cannot be both. Dress and act according to where you sit. Don’t support the home club in the away section and vice versa. This will only result in negative attention.


We sat pitch side during the match​,​ which would be like sitting courtside at a ​K​nicks game. Go big or go home right? Here are some of the perks sitting pitch side:

  • Fans have access to Five-Star dining in the Legends Suite and Pepsi Club before being taken though Monument Park, the legendary Yankees bullpen, and field where the closest seats in the Stadium await them alongside the teams’ benches.
  • The only way to get closer is by being in the starting lineup. I offered but I guess they didn’t need an extra player that day!
  • If you are a big NYCFC fan you can purchase pitch side seating as a full season and partial season plans as well as for groups outings of 12-16 people.
  • For more information fans can go to, call 855-77-NYCFC (855-776-9232) and press 2 for Premium Seating, or email

Now that you have all the knowledge of how to act, what to wear and what to expect​,​ it is a must for you to see a NYCFC game live. The game live is far more entertaining and a one of a kind experience. Watching a match on television doesn’t give it justice. So get your cutest outfit on and get ready to experience a once in a lifetime experience.

Outfit details: 
Women’s New York City FC adidas Gray 2018 Secondary Replica Custom Jersey

* This post is sponsored by NYCFC

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The house of sequins Tips For Attending a NYCFC Soccer Game




  1. I loved your post Sarah! Thanks for encompassing everything I love about NYCFC! I grew up playing soccer my whole life and I have been a NYCFC fan since day one; which also happened to be the summer I moved to New York! I went to the NYCFC pub crawl last year and saw six home games last season. I participated in this years pub crawl, 24-hr game at Rockerfeller Plaza #soccerneversleeps, I also attended the home opener, and had the pleasure of meeting David Villa!! I would love the opportunity to attend this event and celebrate my passion for soccer with my all-time favorite influencer! Thanks to NYCFC for treating its fans with so much love!

  2. How fun, great write-up! I love going to sporting events, there’s nothing like seeing a game in person!!


  3. I love watching soccer, your experience looks like so much fun! Sounds like a great date night idea!

  4. Would love to attend the game. This household we are big NYCFC fans! Thanks for this post

  5. I would love to attend 🙂 I’ve always played soccer in high school and college but have never watched a professional game other than on tv.

  6. I LOVE soccer!! Or as my family calls it, fútbol 😉 I grew up watching soccer with my family. The World Cup is way bigger in my family than the Super Bowl! Haha would absolutely LOVE going to a soccer game!!! Count me in for a local get together!!

  7. Hey girl! I’m definitely in! I loved watching your stories and reading your post. I’ve been a die hard soccer fan since I was a kid. Played in college and coached at the college level. I know some other girls that would love to come too!!! So exciting! ❤️

  8. Heyyyy!!! I would love to go!! I watched your stories and have been a soccer player in college and coached with Lauren Dawson, who posted above me! I love going to watch games….this is so exciting! ⚽️😊

  9. I played completive soccer for 20+ years, so this post is speaking to my heart! It looks like you had a blast and I would love to attend a game!

    xo, Sara

  10. All these years, I cannot believe I’ve never been to a soccer match, not even in grade school! It is something I want to check off my to do list as well. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Yes! I love soccer- never know what to wear… all my kids play and I would go to a game…. my son just want to a NYCFC game.

  12. Great post! I’d love to go to a game, I’ve never been! I’m in long Island!

  13. Last year they had “passport” stamp booklets for Downtown Disney for St. Patrick’s Day, similar to what Flower & Garden and Food & Wine has. Are you doing that again this year or no?

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