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NSale Looks for Less from Amazon

Nordstrom Anniversary Nsale vs amazon finds. Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of sequins amazon fashion dupes

It’s that time of year for the much anticipated Annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This time around it’s looking a little differently and I’ve opted to lean more into my approach this year…

So truth be told, as a Fashion Blogger, The NSale is pretty much my superbowl of the year; everything from all the work and “training” leading up to it as much as enjoying the event when shopping access opens. So although I look forward to the sale and shop it every year, the current climate of Covid and overall feelings of recent months has me approaching the sale differently.

Aside from the more obvious purchase choices leaning more casual, cozy and ‘at home’ friendly, I decided to amp up my “Look for Less” research and offer more of a selection of budget friendly pieces. The decision came as a result of a couple reasons; 1. because Nordstrom opted to stagger shopping access over the course of the month depending on your cardholder tier, possibly increasing things selling out, 2. because I think the ongoing pandemic may still be affecting peoples’ ability to return to work, therefore limiting their budgets, and 3. social distancing is REALLY limiting where people can go to wear all their new purchases!

So with that being said, although I have offered cost friendly options to Nordstrom Sale picks in the past, I scoured Amazon for as many budget friendlier alternatives as I could. So whether you’re looking to save on some looks you have your eye on, just want the opportunity to get more because the prices are that good, or if what you hoped to get sold out, I hope you find this round up helpful. Who doesn’t love a steal?!

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  1. I Love these boards… Keep them coming :). I just picked up a few goodies from Nsale myself and although I love a pair of discounted Prada sunglasses (yes-thank you Nsale), I love a great Amazon deal too! Nice work scouring these affordable finds!!

  2. This must be so much work – thank you! Any dupes for the reversible Lafayette 148 Valasca jacket? I wanted it so bad and it’s already gone! 😭

  3. Thank you so much for these posts! I just finished shopping on Amazon and saved a lot of money. You’re very helpful and you make it fun to shop. I miss the whole rush of going to an actual store but this comes pretty darn close. Please keep posting and please keep giving a mention or photo of your adorable dog Bear. I love dogs and Bear adds to the whole experience from House of Sequins! Thank you again and I look to forward to your Fall 2020 recommendations….where has summer gone? There’s still a bit left so let’s enjoy it and then we’ll jump into some cozy autumn goodies. 🙂

  4. wow so many good finds! I never have much success with the quality of the Amazon items though!

  5. I just recently stumbled across your IG account. I am obsessed with your page and your blog! Love these boards for alternative, more affordable options. Keep them coming!

  6. Okay now THIS is my kind of post. Affordable dupes? Yes please! It would be a shock to one day find myself able to afford the NSale, but Amazon has so many awesome options. I just added SO much to my wishlist. Thank you for this!!!

  7. dang girl. you really did your research here!! instead of buying a ton of stuff on the NSale, I just bought a few things that I buy every year. i have found that i really don’t need to be buying a bunch of new clothes, affordable or otherwise. always love to see your picks, though.

  8. These are AMAZING! Thank you for rounding up all these budget-friendly options to get the same look for less. LOVE!

  9. wow so many items! I haven’t had the best luck with amazon quality of clothes/shoes in the past but hopefully some of these are up there with nordstroms!

    xo Laura Leigh

  10. I love how easy it is to click each item! Thanks for putting this together!

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