The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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In less than a week we’ll spend the day praising and honoring all the mothers out there. We will be showering them in love,flowers, and gifts. Moms are the greatest thing out there. They’ve changed our diapers and wiped our tears away and cheered us on at every soccer game. Mother’s Day may only be once a year but we should show our appreciation everyday. This is the one day a year we are expected to return all the favors she’s done for us with the perfect gift. Trying to figure out the perfect gift for Mom can be hard sometimes. No matter what interests your mother has this is the perfect gift guide to please all Moms. Make sure not to forget all the moms out there besides your own! Nordstrom has plenty of options for everyone. They have everything from a FitBit to a pair of Christian Louboutins if you really want to spoil her! Just make sure to make it personal with a handwritten card.

You can’t go wrong with jewelry. Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. I gave a few examples to make sure Mom will absolutely love it. For those tech savvy moms out there here’s a few selections to chose from. FitBits are everywhere now and they’re pretty cool. A small and slick bracelet that monitors your heart rate, sleeping patterns and much more. Another cool trend is the Instax camera that brings back the polaroid camera in a cute timeless manor. For all those moms out there that like to workout give them a pair of nice wireless headphones so they can walk that treadmill while listening to their favorite jams.

A lot of moms out there have a specific perfume that they love but always refuse to splurge on for some reason. Its up to us to give her what she won’t give herself. Nordstrom has a fantastic selection of different fabulous smelling perfumes. Ranging from Jo Malone to Coco Chanel, you can find the perfect scent.


  1. Killing it with this gift guide!! I am running so behind getting my mom something! I’m such a bad daughter! HA!

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