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New Years Mission Organization

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins rounding up organization items for the home

Something about the new year compels me to get my things in order. On today’s post I’m rounding up all of my favorite organizing finds I’ve recently come across to get the home in shape for the new year!

The feeling of a fresh start, especially after a good end of year purging of all the unnecessary things gets me in the organizing mood. There’s great finds at every price point and from different retailers, so I’m bringing all of the options!

My first roundup of course is Amazon just for the ease of Prime and an all in one stop shop. My favorite from this board has to me my hanging jewelry organizer. I love how I can keep it hanging in my closet so it take no flat surface space up and I can keep just my favorite pieces on display on my dresser top. The clear compartments allow me to find things quickly, and because the compartments are separated and in different sizes, it can accommodate a wide variety of pieces!

I love Target for all my budget basket needs. I love to be able to quickly corral loose items to tidy up in a pinch. Target has a great selection of plastic, fabric and natural basket choices to fit any home’s decor style. I personally keep smaller, (not as visually appealing), items in my bath in these woven lidded baskets from the Hearth & Hand Magnolia line.

And of course for the super organized, The Container Store is literally like shopping in a candy store. There are organizing solutions for every possible imaginable need I feel. It’s my favorite place to shop closet and clothing organization like these drawer dividers. They keep your individual or grouped items neat, making it easy to find things as well as keeping them organized every time.

I’ve been on an organizing kick since January started, and am feeling good about the progress I’ve made! Do you have any systems that work for you?



  1. Organizing our kitchen pantry is at the top of my list for 2020! I feel like there was next to nothing in it just a few months ago and now it’s bursting at the seams and is a mess. Love all of these storage solutions – I’ll definitely be spending a day at Target in the near future!


  2. Oh my gosh thank you for sharing these, there are so many good finds! I Just added 8 of these things to my cart since Im in the middle of turning our second bedroom into my blogger office / closet!

  3. I’ve been slowly working on organizing since the beginning of the year, and you have so many great ideas for how to store my STUFF! I kinda need it all haha!

  4. I pinned the first graphic in this post – the Amazon must haves. We own a few but I can see how to finish organizing our bedroom now with some of the items you posted!

  5. I basically need everything!! I love those first space saving hangers! Total game changers!

  6. ooh I need all of these! I have been looking for better ways to organize our stuff with us moving into our house soon.

  7. I’ve actually been organizing myself! It feels so amazing. Thank you for sharing. I might have to order more stuff to improve my organization!

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