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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Blogger, Sarah Lindner of The House Of Sequins Father's Day Gift Guide

Happy June my loves! It is finally, almost summer time and I couldn’t be more ready. My skin is craving some of that delicious vitamin D it’s been deprived of all winter long.  Plus, these Amazon bikinis are ready to be worn! There is one thing I am a bit unprepared for with the start of the month of June and that is – Father’s Day! You would think since it’s basically a month after Mother’s Day that I would be armed and ready with a great gift for the one constant man in my life – but every year it creeps up on me and I am never prepared. This year, I wanted to try something different to ensure I was prepared with my gift for Dad.  So in order to figure out what to get my Dad,  I decided to round-up some of the items I have been contemplating purchasing and turned it into this gift guide. I figured if I am always struggling to find the perfect gift for Dad, other people must be struggling, too.  I am going to break down the top four gifts I have picked for my Father and go further in depth about these products.  So without further ado, here is my handy, dandy Father’s Day Gift Guide and my top four gift picks.

Amazon Fire Stick
There is not a single Dad out there who doesn’t love to kick back on the couch and easily watch any one of their favorite movies or TV shows. Which is why the Amazon Fire Stick is my first gift pick for Dad. It is currently on sale for only $29 and offers an endless amount of apps to download and stream all of your favorites in one place. I own the Fire Stick myself and forget how amazing this tiny little “stick” truly is. I can watch all of my lifetime shows at any time whenever I want. Don’t get me wrong there are other great options available that offer the same or similar features but not for $29! I Save money and give Dad something he will use everyday!

Birkenstocks  and Dad Bod Tee
With summer just weeks away, everyone needs a comfortable sandals to air out their feet in the summer heat. Give Dad the most comfortable and stylish sandal out there. These waterproof Birkenstocks are perfect for a day at the pool, going to the beach or just walking around outdoors somewhere fun. Whoever you gift these babies too will be forever thankful because they’re like walking on pillows. Accompany Dad’s cool new summer kicks with a hilarious ‘Dad Bod’ tee. Who doesn’t love a good Dad bod joke?

Desk Fast Charger Portal With Mug Warmer/Cooler
Okay, so you workaholics out there may actually need to invest in this one not only for Dad but yourself. This awesome charging portal has the ability to charge most smartphones at lightning speed all while keeping your coffee hot or chilled on the opposite side. This gift is perfect for the Dad who rarely leaves his desk. Give Dad a gift that will have him think of you and thank you when he takes a sip of his 2-hour old, still piping hot coffee. Such a cool device I love that it duals as a speedy charger too, who doesn’t need a quick juicing?

Bose Bluetooth Speaker 
Most Bluetooth speakers are either dirt cheap and never work or they’re over the top expensive but last you for 30+ years. Well, I found this awesome Bluetooth Speaker for under $100 and that not only works but is affordable. For the music junkie dad – get him this Bluetooth speaker to take his music with him on the go. Plus, use it for yourself to listen to your own tunes when Dad’s not looking.

Do you know what you’re getting Dad this year?



  1. such a great round-up! I always have trouble with Father’s Day because my dad always buys himself things he wants! but these are good ideas.

    xx rebecca // the crystal press

  2. I always love holiday roud-up posts! I think that charger/mug warmer is a great gift idea!


  3. OMG the beer flight glasses are a great idea. I’m thinking of getting my dad a baseball bat mug with his favorite player’s signature engraved in it!

  4. This is a great guide! So many fun picks!

    Xx, Nailil

  5. What a great gift guide! I was just thinking I have no idea what to get my dad and these are good suggestions!

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