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Boho, Farmhouse and Contemporary Patio Decor

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Now more than ever, I am craving sandy beaches and long summer days by the shore. I understand that for so many vacation is not an option anytime soon (and possibly not at all this year). Because of that, I continue to find inspiration in making any outdoor space you have available, the perfect at home oasis to “get away” when you need to.

Home should always be your sanctuary, and I really believe in making your space the most comfortable and enjoyable as possible…. after all, it’s where we spend the most amount of our time! Any changes or updates made do not have to break the bank, and a small refresh or budget friendly investment in some new furniture pieces can double your living space or maximize the use you get out of it.

I stuck with some popular decor themes around Boho, Farmhouse and Contemporary styles and grouped them together to give some cohesive inspo. But the great thing about designing your space is that it’s personal, so you don’t have to stick to any one style to make it work. A lot of these piece can be mixed and matched, especially if they share the same color family, but mixing them up allows freedom of adding or editing where you like without feeling restricted in a particular style.

For example, combining the cleaner lines and neutral tones of larger pieces like patio seating; because I know I will spend a little more in this category, I want a style that can easily working with others nicely. This makes it easier to add in colorful accents, different textures like this woven straw floor pillow or seagrass area rug to give interesting layers to your space, giving all the cozy vibes!

So until vacations are a normal thing again, try creating paradise right at home…you may find you’ll never want to leave! lol


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  1. I’d love to mix the boho and contemporary pieces together to create a really bright and modern space. So cute!

  2. I love the contemporary decor- that loveseat is so pretty!

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