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How To Apply Individual Lashes

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins on How to apply individual eyelashes

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins on How to apply individual eyelashes

How to apply individual eyelashes with Jackie from Truth and Beauty.

Wearing fake eyelashes can really make your makeup pop! They add instant glam to any look, but applying them can be a tedious task. They always manage to lift on the edges, or poke your eye at some point. So I wanted to share with you how I have learned to master applying my fake eyelashes with individual lashes. The individual lashes come in various lengths, so make sure to pick out the length you feel most comfortable with. Here is my step by step process:

  1. Make sure your eyelashes are clean from any remaining glue or makeup debris and brushed out using a spoolie.
  2. Remove your individual lash from the container. Handle each individual lash with tweezers. Try to grasp the lash in the center to ensure a stronger grip and a better application.
  3. Squeeze a dab of your favorite lash glue out, dip the individual lash end into the glue. Don’t apply too much glue. Just a dab to the end so that it is coated, but not saturated.
  4. Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds or until it is tacky. If you apply the lash too soon, the glue can be slippery and move around your eye, so you want the glue to be tacky before application.
  5. Hold a mirror in the best position that allows you to see the placement of your lashes. Once you find the right angle, apply your eyelashes using your tweezers to the area you want to emphasize.
  6. Keep adding the individual lashes until they are full enough for your liking. Take your time, don’t rush. This process is a bit longer, but it is worth it in the end.
  7. Once you finish the entire application and you see that they are all positioned well, allow them to dry for about 20- 30 seconds before moving on to any additional eye makeup you need to apply.

If you give my eyelash application steps a try, I would love to hear about your experience and if it helped you at all. I know it can be a bit of a scary makeup task, but the more you practice, the better you will be. I found individual lashes to be easier to apply than a full strip of lashes. So this is the perfect initial step to mastering fake eyelash application.

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins on How to apply individual eyelashes

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins on How to apply individual eyelashes

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins on How to apply individual eyelashes



  1. I have yet to try fake eyelashes yet, but it is tempting. Thank you for the tips..I can see them being extremely useful as I would have no clue where to start. lol

  2. Great tutorial! I’ve never applied individual lashes by myself so this will be so helpful for the future!


  3. Yes!! Amazing tutorial! Nice to see the steps in writing, so that u can do ur own pace! I love eyelashes, it’s fair to say I’m fanatical about them, but I work 2 jobs as a certified medical Coder so there’s only so much I have time for! But my eyes and brows are ALWAYS done. Strip lashes take too long. So I tried individuals with 2 failed attempts! I got tired of having to depend on a lash artist, and I had to go 2 whole weeks between a new set. By the end, lashes were droopy and kinda crusty from powders! Even with excellent hygiene, they were gross! One day I got the idea to place the regular square discount mirror on the wall so that I could be right there without a vanity or sink in front of me….let’s just say that was life changing! You can get the perfect angle of application! Sometime the lash artist I went to would have my right eye pointing straight out, and my left pointing up, then she’d trim them to all 1 length, which had a very unnatural effect, b/c lashes should be different lengths! With this tutorial I got them perfect! I do shorts on inner 1/3 corner, then start blending mediums over the pupil and outer 1/3, then I pop 2 long ones on the farthest outer part! It’s very flattering, and I do them once a week, instead of every 2 weeks! Take your time, do it on a day your not having to work, or going out. I promise the right lash, glue, and mirror and you’ll have flawless lashes in no time flat!
    My go to lashes are Ardell Faux Mink in short, medium, and long, and I use dark Duo glue!

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