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Travel Accessories from Amazon

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For most people, myself included, all 2020 travel plans were canceled due to pandemic wreaking havoc worlwide. I had no idea when the time would come when restrictions would lift or when I would feel safe enough to get on a plane. Never thought I would find myself traveling during a pandemic, but now exactly a year later after New York had it’s first lockdown, I decided I it was finally time (if only for my mental health!).

Even with Covid still very much being a threat and the abundance of current travel restrictions globally, some people are still looking to get away. I imagine many people are trying to find ways to visit their loved ones after months of not seeing them. In all honesty I still have plenty of reservations, but it certainly feels a little better with decreased case numbers in certain areas and vaccines steadily rolling out.

With that in mind, I compiled some of my latest travel favorites and finds from Amazon. Whether you’re taking precautionary measures to travel safely by air, looking to get together with loved ones with visits long overdue or getting in a socially distanced weekend getaway, I linked some awesome finds to help keep your travels organized, and some travel accessories that are sure to be game changers!

I’m not one of them, but for example I know plenty of people who are notorious for falling asleep during flights or long car rides. This supportive neck pillow is genius for keeping you from accidentally leaning on a random stranger riding next to you, lol. International travel is not yet in my near plans, but I can no longer travel without a language translator. They come so in handy for getting around in a foreign country!

So many great finds, and totally giftable options for the traveler in your life. Whatever your travel situation looks like, stay safe and hoping this time next year looks brighter! 🙂

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  1. have that little dispenser that allows you to put 3 different products in it – haven’t used yet but very excited to! love those collapsible bags – definitely need to scoop up a few of those!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. So many travel gadgets I’ve never even thought of before. What a creative list! I hope I’ll be able to get back to traveling in the next year. I miss visiting extended family.

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