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Spring Organization with Amazon

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins sharing storage and organization products from Amazon home.

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins sharing storage and organization products from Amazon home.

Spring cleaning is well under way at the HOS household and truth be told, organizing is my happy place.

As it comes with the fashion blogger territory, wardrobes and fashion accessories are in constant rotation so I am always organizing and re-organizing my spaces. It has been a while since I’ve acquired most of the products that keep my belonging neat and tidy, but I thought I would revisit what has continued to work with my ever-evolving needs.

With renting an apartment in New York, storage is limited and the struggle to house all my things is ongoing. I definitely have built in closet space in my apartment for my core wardrobe, but investing in a garment rack has made all the difference in productivity and keeping things in order. Sturdy, yet lightweight, I am able to move it around my space to accommodate my needs.

I have a limited built in closet space in my bedroom that houses the majority of my wardrobe, but I like to use this rack to rotate items seasonally, keeping items I intend to wear more often easily accessible. Having this option also ensures I wear everything I own because it’s not hidden away in drawers. I keep shoes on the shelves primarily but they would work great to stack jeans or folded chunky sweaters just the same!

With the exception of this storage shelf, my garment rack and all of my organization pieces are from Amazon. Smaller pieces like jewelry organizers and accessory storage give a home for the bulk of my accessory “library” and keep my working surfaces from getting out of control. Styling these racks, shelving and organizers have also served as inspiration to style my outfits and keeping things out remind me to wear things that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle of all things coming in/going out.

I keep all of my accessories organized with assorted jewelry stands and sunglass organizers. The perk of having organizers like this is that I have all by belongings visible, making it super easy to find something specific quickly or just to “shop” my collection for inspiration. I have consistently used all of these pieces for well over a year and they have yet to disappoint….they have been game changers for me!

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins sharing storage and organization products from Amazon home.



  1. I have the same wardrobe rack and I love it. I use it to keep the pieces I wear most regularly out and accessible for me, along with displaying some of my favorite decor simultaneously. It’s such a great piece of furniture. So helpful and really great quality too.

  2. Your organization is out of this world, and I love all these tips. I need major shoe and sunglass organization, especially for then summer time!

  3. I have the same garment rack and truly couldn’t be more obsessed with it – so great for organizing and planning out looks. your jewelry/sunglass organization is on point girl!

    xo Laura Leigh

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