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Cute Amazon Pajama Sets

Blogger Sarah Linder of House of Sequins wearing Amazon pajama sets

Blogger Sarah Linder of House of Sequins wearing Amazon pajama sets

If it weren’t for the internet, I don’t think I would get any of my holiday shopping done!

Be honest, who else has already started their holiday shopping for their moms, sisters, cousins, besties and more?! I know that I sure have! I love to get a head start to not only find the best gifts for my friends and family, but to find the best prices too. There is really nothing better than getting a super cozy, but also extremely cute, pajama set for Christmas- and of course Amazon has definetly got you covered.

I love fun pajama sets that have corny graphic designs and quotes like the pajama llama set, cutie pie set, and (my personal favorite one) the donut disturb set. All of these sets are just too adorable to pass up and I know that all my girls will love them as much as I do. The best part? I scored them all for less than $20 each!

The fabric on these sets are light weight and stretchy and so soft too. There are so many different patterns and colors to choose from you are sure to find a set that whoever you’re shopping for will for sure wear all year long.

All of these comfy pajama sets are perfect for a secret santa party present or a chill, low key girls night in watching Home Alone and eating Christmas cookies! These sets are getting me so excited for the holiday season to officially begin- I cannot wait much longer!

Also, can we talk about these amazing plush slippers that I also found on Amazon for less than 25?! They are seriously SO soft and I love wearing them around the house all day long. To no surprise, I couldn’t just get only one pair and got three. Nothing wrong with getting yourself a few presents this time of year too!

Putting presents under the tree this year has never been easier! What is your favorite pajama set you see that you’ll be giving as a gift this year? Let me know in the comments below and like always, happy shopping!

Blogger Sarah Linder of House of Sequins wearing Amazon pajama sets



  1. Wow your not kidding these are cute!! I got a very late start with my Christmas shopping this year. I try to start in June or July and buy one gift per month and not be over whelmed but this year was difficult so I did start early. I only bought one gift on Amazon. I only buy a few recurring things on Amazon. I don’t like to shop from them and like to support local business and prefer to shop in person. Thanks to Amazon there is going to huge job losses and towns will be much less charming and the landscape of them will change when there are no more businesses so I don’t shop much from them.

    I buy from them occasionally and mostly things I can not get in stores or that are not carried near where I live.

    Allie of

  2. OMG! I’m so obsessed! I need all three of these! The slippers look so soft.

  3. You’re right, these are truly adorable! I think we can officially give you the title of Amazon Queen, because you find all the hottest fashion items on that website, that’s for sure! Way to go, girl!

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