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It’s already been predicted by Punxsutawney Phil, (the resident groundhog from Pennsylvania), that we should expect another six weeks of winter. I’m not superstitious by any means, but my area has already had two major snow storms in the last week with more predicted on the way by this weekend. So what does that mean for me? Well if you have been following along, I have been in the process of freshening up my spaces with new furniture and decor. Basically that means more time shopping new home finds, and along the way, sharing my favorites with my followers.

And with that said, I think the inspiration behind these furniture and home decor finds are inspired by beaches of summer, and all from Amazon home. Lots of creamy neutrals reminiscent of sandy shores with touches of sunny metallics and gilded trims.  I have not been able to frequent my local beaches since before the pandemic and since taking a greater interest in all things home since last year, what I have learned is that many home decorators take their cues from nature. Themes, colors and textures can all be inspired by natural surroundings. Examples like natural woven elements will always remind me of casual beach days. (I’m thinking maybe it’s because my favorite beach bags are always straw totes, lol). Pieces like this genuine jute ottoman pouf offer warmth to a neutral space as well as add textural interest to break up an abundance of creamy toned solids.

And because I love a little glam in my space, I rounded up some gold accent furniture finds. Whether opting for a large statement focal point like this gold shelving unit or touches of metallic like these plush velvet chairs with gold legs, I offered assorted options for varying looks.

Ultimately neutrals have my heart and it shows in my personal choices in clothing as well as in my home decor. Do you find your personal wardrobe style carries into your home decor choices?


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  1. I’ve never considered buying furniture pieces on Amazon, not quite sure about the quality!

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