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If the last several months of quarantine life has shown me anything, it’s that I wasn’t spending enough time in my kitchen.

Prior to covid, I afforded the luxury of eating out or ordering in food often, so I wasn’t getting getting much actual cooking done. In my defense, my days were always full, working long hours so it was a treat that alleviated some time constraints that otherwise would have added stress to my already loaded schedule.

It didn’t take long after shelter in place orders were a thing that I realized  that something had to give. I could no longer eat out or order my dinner for the night and as crazy as that sounds, I was ill prepared to make every meal at home daily. I didn’t shy away from making things, but it was becoming clear that my small kitchen (living that New York renter life), lacked some basic kitchen needs and even more so, lacked the organization to make it work for me.

Along with local eats closing doors, was the coffee shop around the corner that also provided my yummy drink fix. So in adddtion to adding some much needed organization to my kitchen, I invested in a coffee maker/espresso machine and put together a coffee bar to indulge at home…little luxuries for the win!

So today’s post is intended to provide a nice selection of kitchen tools, accessories and coffee bar inspo along with some storage and organization solutions to help make one of your home’s hardest working spaces an easier place to navigate. Personally, some small addtions have made all the difference to my space. This new normal has brought out my inner chef and barista and I’m not mad about it!


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  1. So true! I thought I cooked a lot before quarantine, but I realized that was not true lol. I have definitely been organizing my kitchen for fall, so these came right on time! Thanks 🙂

  2. Our townhome kitchen is the size of a Rubik’s cube, so it needs all the hidden organization it can get, that’s for sure. We don’t even have a pantry, so we had to purchase a pantry rack when we moved in! But it needs some serious help haha. Great post!

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