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As I write this, the Northeast is currently being blasted with the first big snow storm of the year and we’re expected to get almost two feet of snow from it! It’s dark, gray and gloomy days like these that I find myself making my way through each space in my apartment organizing all the things.

I don’t wait for big winter storms to get my best Marie Kondo on though as I usually spend Sunday morning tending to weekly tidy ups around my place. But something about snowstorms and rainy days make the hours long and so it at least feels like I have more time to work with.

That being said, January is always the month I do my biggest purge, deepest cleans and most thorough of organizing. And the places that always need the most attention are the kitchen, bath, closet and wardrobe spaces. At least in my experience, these spots in the home are always the ones that need the daily and weekly maintenance to keep them from becoming complete chaos. Because of that, today’s post is all about rounding up some of my favorite organizational finds and storage solutions for them.

If you’re a regular around here, you will already know I am partial to all things Amazon, so I sourced all products from my favorite online retailer. Mostly because when I get the organizing bug, I want the speed and convenience of getting what I need quickly so I can seamlessly work through my current project without delay. I made sure to include some of my favorite vanity accessory and jewelry organizers I already love and use as well as my go-to closet shelf dividers and drawer organizers.

I am currently in the process of doing a massive purge throughout my space and am looking forward to picking up some new pieces for my kitchen and makeshift pantry. Is the start of a new year the same for you? Let me know in the comments of any gamechanger organization hacks that have worked for you!




  1. one of my goals of 2021 is to organize our closet for optimal function – this post is inspiring me and will help so much! thank you for sharing these goodies!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. You’re reminding me that I’m in desperate need of organizing my home! Not that it’s currently unorganized, but I’d like to do an even better job creating a clean environment.

  3. so many great organizational pieces here! I added a few of these to my amazon cart!

  4. I became an organizational nut this past year (bathroom, closet, pantries) and it makes such a difference in finding things, seeing what you have and keeping everything looking pretty. I can definitely do more and will definitely be checking out some of your recs as I continue my organizing journey!

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