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Today is part 1 to my 3 series Q&A with my number one favorite brand Haute Hippie. These post are inspired by travel, food, and style. Make sure to check out the post on Haute Hippie’s global nomad blog! I hope you enjoy a little look into some of my travels!


Q. Must see places during your travels?

I am asked this question quite often and I always say, hands down Cape Town, South Africa! There are numerous things I love about Cape Town, but some of my favorites are seeing baboons walk the streets, going on beautiful wine tours, seeing table mountain and the stunning backdrop, petting baby cheetahs, visiting the beautiful beaches, to name a few. Clearly, I could just go on and on because it’s so full of nature and culture. Cape Town is definitely a must see in my book!

Q. What is your packing strategy?

Planning and organization is key for me! First, I figure out how many outfits I need each day and what activities I will be doing while traveling. I lay out all my clothing on my bed and plan each outfit day by day. This strategy ensures that I won’t over pack. Another thing I like to do is try on all of the outfits I style to make sure everything is just perfect! I take one extra outfit just in case, because after all, anything can happen, so I want to be prepared!

Q. What is your favorite destination?

I would have to say England. There is just something so charming about everything there. From the history to the culture, you can’t go wrong. What I love most is that you get a good mix of city life in London, and if you travel just a few minutes outside of the city, you are taken to the beautiful countryside, which is my favorite!

Q. Do you have a travel playlist?

Yes I do! Music is how I get through all of my long plane rides. I tend to download a lot of country music before all my flights just in case my TV is broken, which for some odd reason, happens to me all too often!

Q. How do you stay stylish at the airport?

You never know who you will run into while traveling, so I love to be comfy yet trendy. I normally wear a pair of black leggings, an oversized white tee, and a moto jacket. Trendy and stylish, yet comfortable and great for traveling! To spruce it up and for some warmth, I’ll add a pop of color with a cute scarf!

Q. What is your ultimate NYC guide?

Since I live in Long Island, I feel like I discover new things about the NYC every time I travel into Manhattan. I feel just like a tourist when I make my way into the city like anyone else from out of town. But there is one thing for certain; I am always about eating and trying new restaurants! After all, New York City is the best city for a foodie like me!

Q. Where are your favorite places to relax in NYC?

I am a real people watcher. I like to sit in Central Park and watch all of the people from different walks of life. If you don’t know me, it may look like I am a real creeper watching people, but I am really just so intrigued by other cultures and accents. This is the most relaxing thing for me to do!

Q. Where are your next adventures taking you?

I am always up for a new adventure and absolutely love traveling! For my next trip, I will be going to Puerto Rico for New Years. After the few cold months in New York, I am ready to wear my colorful Haute Hippie resort wear to match my new tan!

Jeans: Zara distressed skinny jeans :: Blouse: C/O Haute Hippie tunic button down blouse :: Duffle bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton :: Necklace: Tiffany & Co rose gold atlas necklace :: Key chain: Louis Vuitton colorful keychain purchased on poshmark :: Boots: Charlotte Russe thigh high belted platform over the knee boots 

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