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Boho, Farmhouse and Traditional Bedroom Decor

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It’s been said often enough that when people are decorating their home, that often times their bedroom is usually the last to get attention or never even makes the list. Maybe because it’s not a public space that visitors would typically see unless you’re doing the whole “home tour” and even then I imagine that’s for first time visitors only.

So that had me thinking, especially with quarantine life spending all that extra time at home, many of us have spent more time in our bedrooms than ever before in recent weeks (even months). That has totally been the case for me personally, and all that extra time in there really had me re-evaluating my bedroom needs and wanting to spruce things up from how sparse I’ve kept it in there for so long. If like me, you have been thinking about making some changes in your buordoir, here are some things to consider…

A fresh coat of paint is easily the fastest and most cost friendly update you can make to any room. Outside of that, your bed should be your greatest investment since you spend so much of your life sleeping hours away on it. It’s also usually the largest piece of furniture in there, so it should make sense that you have your bed situation sorted out before anything else. The style of bed you choose can also set the tone or decor theme of the room since it makes the biggest statement.

Lighting and storage are other important things to consider when putting together your space; and in some cases, additional seating as well. I’ve put together some themed mood boards with these factors in mind to hopefully get ideas flowing. But as I’ve said in previous posts, mixing up themes can keep a space interesting. Personally I love light, bright and neutrals with clean lines and minimal decor in my space but am equally attracted to whitewashed distressed wood pieces and pretty faux flower arrangements mixed in. Decor is personal, so make it yours!


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  1. I love that faux cowhide rug, definitely adding it to my wish list!

  2. You’re right! We’ve been in our house for five years and haven’t really decorated the bedroom. It’s always our last priority!

  3. Can I just have everything on the Boho list?! SO GOOD. Our bedroom usually is on the back burner, but we have to get it together! xo

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