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Walmart Home Organization

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If pandemic life for the past year has had anything positive come from it, for me it has to be that I was totally inspired to decorate and organize all the spaces throughout my duplex. I have been living in this apartment for over two years now and although all the major furniture had been in place, I had yet to really decorate and personalize most areas in my home.

Fast forward another year and now I find myself ready for another move and start fresh. I honestly cannot be more excited for the clean slate! Since that’s where my mind has been a lot lately, I have shared some of my spaces more often with my followers on IG and all my recent finds and newest additions. I have been scouring the internet for organizational and decorative pieces alike and have shared some of those in recent posts as well.

On today’s post I’m sharing some ideas, inspo and solutions for areas that I had been working on, and solutions I hope to take with me to the new place.  All are from Walmart and are a combination of storage units, baskets and bins, shelving, as well as some handy kitchen and pantry organization finds since having a small kitchen it is absolutely essential for me that everything has a place so things stay neat and organized.

Being a fashion blogger, my closets and wardrobe storage is ever evolving and so I always keep an eye out for something that might add value to those spaces and help them function more efficiently. So it’s worth mentioning that my most favorite find in the past year has got to be this garment rack that has been an absolute game changer for my space. Although I look forward to having more built in closet space, the rack will stay because it has been a steady workhorse for my fashion game!

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