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Remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Review

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins Remake of 'Beauty and the Beast' Review

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins Remake of 'Beauty and the Beast' Review

A beautiful girl falls in love with a terrifying beast, does it get any more romantic than that? The live action version of the movie still certainly pulls on your heart strings, while still having some major differences than the original version. Beauty and the Beast is a classic that everyone seems to know, and if you don’t you must live under a rock. For those of you who refuse to be a member of society and know what Beauty and the Beast is about I will sum it up for you. A Prince and all his servants are cursed because he was a crude and greedy man and the spell can not be broken until the Prince falls in love and the girl falls in love with him as well. As if that wasn’t difficult  enough, he has to do it all on a time constraint, he has to make it happen before the last petal on the enchanted rose falls. Can you say stressful? Of course there’s more to the story, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find it out!  While staying true to the original, the new rendition adds in a few songs and facts that bring story to a full circle. The plot is still the same, but Bill Condon’s movie certainly is more appealing to the eye and fills in all the missing pieces we all used to ponder for years. I remember always wondering what could a ten year old boy do to possibly deserve a curse such as the one cast upon him. In the new tale, the prince is an adult so it makes more sense as to why he would be cursed. It also states why the servants were cursed saying that they never stopped the prince from turning into the jerk he became. No major changes but it definitely makes the movie make a little more sense. Some of the characters are played a little differently as well as adding an extra character. Gaston’s sidekick LeFou is played out a little differently than he was in the original. LeFou is still obsessed with Gaston, but he’s not as goofy as in the animated film. Instead he seems more civilized and standoffish towards some of Gaston’s schemes. Not to mention he is openly gay in the new movie! There is a split second scene where he is seen smiling and dancing with another man. In my opinion Disney needs to do a little more than just a two second scene for me to give them credit for a gay character. Unfortunately not everyone was pleased with this change that led some countries to chose not to let it be screened. It’s not a change that affects the entire movie but one that sadly affected some people’s opinion of it. Belle’s history as well as the Beast’s also goes a little more in depth explaining that both of their mothers passed away from the plague. Also, when the Beast introduces Belle to his library, we learn he as well is educated and a bookworm just like her, making them have somethings in common to counteract the fact that they are polar opposites.  Besides the characters and plot, some of the songs are also either changed in a way or they added a few new songs as well, four new ones to be exact. Yes none of these songs are exactly necessary, but they do help the film flow a little. The beast now has a song. When Belle leaves to go save her father, the Beast walks in his castle singing a sad and depressing song while watching Belle disappear into the distance that makes us all feel heartbroken like the Beast. John Gad who plays LeFou switches up the lyrics at the  ending of the song “Gaston” to have a humorous ending that’s sure to make you giggle a little. This live action adaptation of the original 1991 Beauty and the Beast is 100% worth going to see. I consider myself a Disney princess and I absolutely loved it and fell in love with Emma Watson as Belle. Without a doubt make sure you see it in IMAX though to get the full effect and feel like you’re sitting at the table during “Be Our Guest”.  



  1. This is such a great review! And it also reminds me that I need to go see it again because I missed a couple things you mentioned! Overall I really liked it!

    – Sara

  2. I want to see Beauty and the Beast so bad! My niece watched it and loved it.

  3. So, this movie was everything I wanted it to be and more! I felt like a little girl all over again sitting in the theater filled with other people singing along to all the songs just like me! Not only was it one of my two favorite Disney animated films growing up, but I was also in the theatrical production in high school. So it has a very special place in my heart! It was really fun to read your review of it and hear your thoughts, because it seems like we have a lot of similar tastes in movies and TV shows (from what I see on Instagram). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Stephanie //

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