Universal Orlando Pointers.

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Tips for exploring Universal Orlando 2016

1. Universal’s one-day prices are just as overpriced as Disney’s, especially if you add the park-to-park option which is required to ride the Hogwarts Express train. Universal’s multi-day tickets are much cheaper. If you plan on visiting Orlando a few times this year, you should invest in a annual pass costing barely $100 more than a one-day park-hopper. Upgraded annual passes include discounts on food, merchandise and hotel rooms. 

2. Make sure to stop by the Simpsons “Springfield” attractions. The giant donuts are not to be missed! From Krusty Burgers, ginormous Lard Lad donuts to real bottles of Duff Beer, Universal Studios opened a real-life “Springfield”  with a bunch of Simpson inspired eats.

3. Most guests will sprint straight for Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley right when the park opens, overwhelming the attractions and making the lines super long until late morning. If you decide to head over to the Potter area and the line is long, the single rider cuts your wait time in half! If you visit Universal on a peak day, you may want to map out what rides to do first according to the wait times the day before. 

4. Prepare to spend money! Per-guest spending was approximately $225-$300 per person if you bought a single day park hopper pass, parking, and food. They have tons of signature snacks and sweets that you can’t get anywhere else, like Butterbeer, giant Lard Lad donuts and Duff Beer.

5. My trip to Universal was in February. The off season continues from the end of January into February. On the weekdays Universal has light crowds and very short wait times. On the weekends it tends to pick up a little but still manageable. Presidents Day Weekend would be the only weekend that would attract the large crowds. 

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