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Neutral Walmart Home Favorites

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I can’t believe we’re already halfway into summer and approaching August as I write this. And with that said, I think the inspiration behind these furniture and home decor finds are inspired by sandy beaches of summer.

With the exception of my recent mini staycation, I have not been able to frequent my local beaches even though they are open, (while operating at half capacity), and I miss spending long summer days by the shore. What does this have to do with home decor you might be wondering? Well since I’ve taken a greater interest in all things home since the beginning of this year, what I have learned is that many home decorators take their cues from nature. Themes, colors and textures can all be inspired by natural surroundings.

So my recent daydreaming of beachy afternoons inspired the color palette of all of today’s home finds. Without necessarily having a coastal or nautical theme, I chose furniture with sandy neutral fabrics, distressed or driftwood toned pieces and some sunshine inspired golden elements for a little sparkle.

Natural weave baskets will always remind me of casual beach days. (I’m thinking maybe it’s because my favorite beach bags are always straw totes, lol). So much like I would accessorize my beach outfit with a cute straw bag, I included some storage options with seagrass or hyacinth to bring those natural elements in.

And because I love a little glam in my space, I sprinkled in some faux fur, sparkly chandeliers (much like the accessories I would use to complete my outfit). Ultimately neutrals have my heart and it shows in my personal home. Do you find your personal wardrobe style carries into your home decor choices?


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  1. I’m going to be coming back to your blog over and over again once we move so I can get all the home inspiration! Love your choices.

  2. I never think “gorgeous home decor” when I think of Walmart, but you’ve picked out some seriously gorgeous pieces! I guess, I’ve never really given the store a chance, and these great pieces are making me re-think that – thanks for sharing your amazing style!

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