Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins Travel and packing hacks

Must Haves To Survive A Long Flight

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Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins Must Haves To Survive A Long Flights and Travel and packing hacks.

Must Haves To Survive A Long Flight:

Eyes mask & ear plugs: 

Drown out the light and sound so you can have a good rest.


My favorite to pack is a blanket scarf. It can double as a blanket if it gets chilly.

Lots of water:

Staying hydrated is so important when traveling especially on a long flight. I know, I know. That means getting up to use the bathroom a lot but make sure to get an aisle seat. Flying is known for making you dehydrated so staying hydrated is a huge part. You should be chugging water the day before your flight, the day of your flight, during the flight, and after. Make sure to hydrate well the night before the flight, preferably with electrolyte drinks. Don’t drink alcohol the night before the flight. Avoid diuretics such as coffee, soft drinks and even chocolate (which all contain caffeine).

Hand sanitizer & wipes:

Keep your hands and area clean of germs.


For listening to music or watching movies. Noise canceling headphones are ideal.


The food on the flight is packed with a ton of sodium which can leave you slightly bloated after a long flight. Bring a few travel snacks to avoid bloating.

Change of clothing:

Bring a comfortable outfit to change into during the flight. Make sure to pack warm socks and clothing that will keep you warm in case you get cold.


Make sure to pack your toothbrush, hair brush, toothpaste and lotion. When you are in the air make sure to moisturize as your skin gets very dry while flying. After a long flight it can make all the difference in how you feel.

A good book or magazine:

Download some movies and bring books or magazines in case the TV isn’t working on your flight. Which shockingly happens all too much.



  1. These are all fantastic tips! While I’ve never really experienced a flight longer than two hours, I can agree wholeheartedly that these are all rules to live by when flying – especially headphones and a scarf haha!

    Stephanie //

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