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Closet Organization and Storage Solutions

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Summer is winding down, and for me that means pulling out my fall wardrobe and tucking away my summer only pieces until next year.

Renting in New York, I don’t have the luxury of space, so things like walk in closets or extra rooms to store all my things are not an option. Because I am working with limited space, I have to optimize the space I have, and in some cases get creative and think outside the box.

Additonally, living in the Northeast, I am fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you ask), to experience all four seasons throughout the year. So what that means for me, is having clothes, jackets, shoes, etc. to accomodate every kind of weather. As a fashion blogger that works in my favor as far as business goes, but the truth is, it can be overwhelming housing it all.

In case you’re wondering, I do not keep everything that makes it’s way into my home. I keep plenty, but I cannot possibly keep it all. I am able to keep a revolving wardrobe to try new things to review because I sell what I no longer use. For all of those items I do hold onto, I try my best to keep neat and organized so that it never gets out of hand.

With that in mind, today’s post is dedicated to featuring gament racks, closet organization and storage solutions from all of my favorite retailers. Whether you’re looking to optimize limited space, keep closets and drawers neat and organized, or in need of added storage options, you’re sure to find something that might work for your specific needs.


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  1. I desperately need to get ORGANIZED. I feel like my stuff is everywhere so this is VERY helpful. Sometimes having so much space in our house makes things harder lol. Laundry seems to never make it to the drawers.

  2. I am all about organization options throughout my entire home. You’ve got so many great items on this round-up! Everything is catching my eye haha!

  3. All of these organizers are so awesome and so perfect! I would love to revamp my closets with a few of these!

  4. This is super helpful because I have trouble with storage, since I am not the most organized. I need less nonsense in my closet and more practicality and this is just the post I needed. Now can you come clean my closet!? haha!

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