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Smorgasburg Winter Food Market

In New York, Travel by Sarah Lindner11 Comments

Welcome one welcome all food lovers! If you’re like me and have a sick obsession with food, you absolutely need to head to Brooklyn for some of the most unique and flavorful foods. More specifically you must go to Smorgasburg. From the moment I walked down the stairs and into the food section of the flea market I was in …

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Best Instagramable Pizza in New York

In New York, Travel by Sarah Lindner9 Comments

  Everyone is obsessed with pizza for the obvious reasons of that cheesy goodness but us New Yorker’s are next level in our love and hate for different styles and favorite local spots. If you ever troll Instagram looking at some of New York’s popular food bloggers pages then you have definitely seen Emmy Squared and need to add to …

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Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel

In Orlando, Travel by Sarah Lindner34 Comments

I had the pleasure of staying for five nights at a fabulous luxury hotel courtesy of The Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Going to Orlando can be a bit hectic at times as I want to see Disney, Universal Studios and have a little time by the pool. Time flies every time I am in Orlando with the amount of activities I …

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Universal Orlando Rides and Food

In Orlando, Travel by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

Fun Foods: When walking around Universal Orlando there are an endless amount of treats you can snack on. Whether you have a sweet tooth like me or want to grab a quick meal to keep you going I am sure you will find something you love. My favorite place to get unique and fun treats is at the Wizarding World of …

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Magic Kingdom X Disney Couture

In Orlando, Travel by Sarah Lindner11 Comments

Walt Disney World is a place where dreams come true. If you couldn’t tell by now, Orlando and Disney are my second home. I went to Disney for the first time at the age of twenty and have managed to go at least two times a year ever since. Every time you walk through the gates it’s like you’ve transported …

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Puerto Rico Travel Guide

In Puerto Rico, Travel by Sarah Lindner30 Comments

Hotel: The Ritz Carlton, San Juan There is a reason I keep coming back to Puerto Rico for New Years and for the 4th year, The Ritz Carlton, San Juan is definitely one of the reasons. It is the definition of class. Every time we go we get to see people from years past and all of us go back …

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Travel and Packing Hacks

In Travel by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

Travel and packing hacks: Use cling wrap to Stop your Jewelry from Tangling. I hate spending precious travel time untangling my jewelry. Use 2 strips of cling wrap to hold your jewelry into place. Simply place a your necklace on one strip of cling wrap, layer another strip over top and they are now tangle free. Use the Inside of …

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Must Haves To Survive A Long Flight

In Travel by Sarah Lindner9 Comments

Must Haves To Survive A Long Flight: Eyes mask & ear plugs:  Drown out the light and sound so you can have a good rest. Scarf: My favorite to pack is a blanket scarf. It can double as a blanket if it gets chilly. Lots of water: Staying hydrated is so important when traveling especially on a long flight. I know, …