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Best Festivals In America 2017

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins best festivals in america

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins best festivals in america

Gather round one gather round all fellow music lovers! Your guide to the best music festivals in America has arrived. Music is what keeps me sane and able to function in society. Festivals are my release and escape from reality where I can run and dance like the hippie child i am. So here I am to share the wealth with all of you. While there are plenty of amazing music festivals around the world, here’s a list of my top 10 in America.


April 14-16; 21-23 2017 Indio, California

This two weekend festival transforms Indio desert  into a hot spot for all the “in” fashion and bands to be celebrated and witnessed by huge celebrities and trendy fans. Coachella is on most people’s bucket list. With headliners such as Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyonce how could one not want to go? I know i do!

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins best festivals in america

Governors Ball Music Festival

June 2-4 2017 Randall’s Island, New York

A mix of hip-hop, rock, folk, pop and electronic music this festival is sure to please everyone. As said by the New York Times Governors Ball is “A festival with a New York heart”. Whether you’re the type to fangirl in the middle of the crowd or lay in the grass and just vibe, this is the festival for you. I attended Governors Ball last year and had the time of my life dancing in the rain.

Ultra Music Festival

March 24-26 2017 Miami, Florida

Known as one of the central gathering places for electronic music lovers across the nation, people travel the globe to attend Ultra. Miami streets turn into a crazy party with more than 70,000 ravers. The biggest names in the EDM world preform to make your dreams come true. I was heartbroken that I was unable to attend this year but i will certainly do anything I can to make it next year.

Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival

June 8-11 2017 Great Stagea Park, Tennessee

Once noted by Rolling Stone magazine as being one of the “50 Moments That Changed Rock&Roll” Bonnaroo used to be mainly folk rock and jam bands but later became to have an array of genres. It hosts 125 bands and comedy acts over the four days and  pays tribute to up and coming artists. Bonnaroo is a little different from most other festivals but 100% on my list.

Sasquatch! Music Festival

May 26-29 2017 Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington

Taking place over Memorial Day weekend, this festival features all genres of music but focuses mainly on indie rock bands and loved singer-songwriters. Founded in 2002, the original aim was to create a festival for die heart fans to come and have the time of their life. They totally hit the nail on the head.

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins best festivals in america

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

June 16-18 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada

A dream come true to festival lovers. With other EDC around the world such as London and Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas one is the biggest. People come from around the world to disappear from reality into a world of wonder and pure joy. Every year record numbers of people come to get their fix of electronic music and fill their souls with smiles and dancing. Being able to finally go to EDC Las Vegas would be a dream come true.

Electric Zoo

September 1-3 2017 Randall’s Island, New York

Combine the creators of Tomrrowland, Mysteryland, and Sensation and you have Electric Zoo. Electronic music lovers commence for three days of dancing and partying each year with tons of everyone’s favorite djs spread out across four different stages. Electric Zoo was nominated for “Best Music Event” in 2010,2011,2012 and 2013 by International Dance Music Awards. Ezoo was the first festival I ever went to and it created my love for them all.

Electric Forest

June 22-25 June 29- July 2 2017 Rothbury, Michigan

This eight day, two weekend event in the forest attracts people from many genres with most of the focus on electronic music and jam bands. Immersed deep in the forest, attendees are surrounded by magic and natures while having music and bass traveling through their bodies. A festival like no other, go and transform into an animal and live in the unique world of nature and art while amazing music follows you from stage to stage. Electric Forest is definitely on top of my list of festivals to go to.

Burning Man

August 27 – September 4 2017 Black Rock Desert, Nevada

More of an artistic escape than a festival, Burning Man is like no other. Known as more of an “experiment” in self-expression, community and self-reliance, this week long experience has each camper providing a service or performance for their space. Surprise performances, meeting many new free spirits, interactive activities and the annual burning of the giant effigy(giant sculpture of a person/man) , attending Burning Man is something you’ll never forget.


June 9-12 2017 Bethel Woods, New York

Created in 1993 in the Netherlands, and brought to the United States in 2014, Mysteryland is the world’s longest running electronic music festival. It’s held on Woodstock’s stomping grounds and definitely lives up to its prior caliber.  A three day camping event that changed my life and forever will be in my memories. Mysteryland is a three day judgement free zone that never disappoints. Being able to camp is the cherry on top, it’s like the party never ends. Not to mention meeting all the beautiful souls that make the weekend just that much better. I can’t wait to go back.  

This guest post is written by Kelsi Berkowitz.

Blogger Sarah Lindner of The House of Sequins best festivals in america



  1. I’ve actually never been to any music festivals. But we do have a few local ones that are coming up that are a pretty big deal in our area, they would be fun to go to.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  2. So so fun! I have always wanted to attend coachella but its so expensive haha! Maybe next year I will save up and go!

    xoxo, Hannah

  3. My friends go to Bonnaroo every year. And obviously I’ve heard of Coachella but I’ll have to check the others out! 🙂

  4. Thanks for this roundup! I’ve been wanting to go to a few of these.

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