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For most people, myself included, all travel plans for this year have been postponed or put off altogether. And let’s be honest, some just want to cancel 2020 already!

Even with Covid still very much being a threat and the abundance of current travel restrictions globally, some people are still looking to get away. Although I have no plans to travel anytime soon, the holidays are closing in, and I imagine many people are trying to find ways to visit their loved ones, especially if they live domestically or even better, locally.

With that in mind, I compiled some travel favorites from Amazon. Whether you’re taking precautionary measures to travel safely by air, looking to road trip to those hosting Thanksgiving this season or just a thinking about a quiet, socially distanced weekend getaway, I linked some awesome finds to help keep your travels organized, and necessities to help keep the kids occupied for those long rides.

Some of my favorite finds that I own and have found to be the most handy are these electronic carrying case that keeps your tech secure and this hanging toiletry organizer that is both water resistant and generous in size, able to accommodate all of your personal care needs and can fit neatly in luggage and small enough to pack separately in a tote bag.

I don’t have kids, but I know that traveling with little ones can be a challenge, especially those longer car rides. There’s really no escaping airplane seats, but the convenience of stocking a car with everything you need has it’s perks. With kids in mind, I thought these back seat organizers would be handy to house all of the kid things, all within easy reach. And honestly, kids aren’t the only ones capable of making a mess in your car so this waterproof car trash can is genius for keeping the mess at bay!

Whatever your travel situation looks like, stay safe and hoping this time next year looks brighter! 🙂

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  1. Well, I’m not even doing a lick of traveling right now, but these are great essentials to know about for when I feel as though it’s safe to travel again!

  2. Love all these essentials! This came right on time, I have to get a new toiletry organizer for my Thanksgiving travels.

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