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July Amazon Home Favorites

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I have been sharing lots of home finds in the last few months. Although I can easily blame Covid for all the home decor purchases I have made lately, the decision to give my home a refresh stated well before shelter at home orders were put in place.

After the new year I was craving a change in my space, mostly because I needed storage solutions and more a more practical and efficient work space. I was already on the hunt for things like new clothing racks and shelving units in January. Then Covid happens, and I had all this extra time and energy to dedicate to cleaning, organizing and rearranging my furniture. In doing so I was able to really evaluate my living and work spaces and figure out what was working, what needed an upgrade and what solutions were necessary.

So I did some shopping. (Who am I kidding…. I did a LOT of shopping, lol). But I’m so glad I did because for all the fashion hauls I do, rarely was I making investments in my home; literally the place I spend ALL. Of. My. Time. How have I neglected to address this? I have been living in my current apartment over two years and had yet to add personal touches and decorative accents. With the exception of the holidays, where I usually go overboard on all things Christmas decor, my apartment has been pretty much sparse and free of anything really decorative.

So my journey to making my house a home is still a work in progress and I figured I would continue to share all the pretty finds I take home and the ones I sadly have to leave behind. Happy shopping!



  1. Ooh sooo cute! Love all of these finds! I’m currently decorating a new office so I can definitely use some of this stuff!

  2. I’m not sure how you manage to constantly find new and interesting home decor from Amazon, but I turn around and you’ve got yet another post with excellent choices that I love! Such an impressive skill, that’s for sure. And this makes me want to go shopping. But since I’m moving in a couple of months, I’m waiting to do any decor shopping until then!

  3. So many great picks as always!!! Sometimes it’s hard to find things that are actually good on Amazon.

    xx Rebecca //

  4. You literally always find the best stuff on Amazon! I search on there and find the worst of the worst hahaha

  5. I’m obsessing over the couch you linked! The color is gorgeous and the price is even better! I’ve slowly been adding new pieces to our home over quarantine need to pick up some of the kitchen items you linked.


  6. Absolutely adore all of these picks in all honesty. I love the grey theme, as it always resonated with me because of the color of our tile! x

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