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It’s often said from home design experts that the entrance of your home should be a snapshot of the rest of your space. In some instances, defining your front door would even be beneficial as sometimes the main entrance is not always obviously defined. With that being said, I was thinking about how first impressions can make their way into our initial perceptions and the place we call home is no different!

Not everyone has the luxury of a grand entrance, a roomy foyer or an expansive porch leading up to their main entrance, but with some simple updates or small additions, defining and creating a welcoming space does not have to be overwhelming or break the bank.

I put together some mood boards with different scenarios in mind. If you have outdoor spaces to work with, the porch inspo board has some simple pieces that can make all the difference in making your entrance an inviting one. Consider adding green elements; real potted plants or (if you’re like me and lack the green thumb), even faux trees in pretty planters work. Add a welcome sign or doormat and done!

Personally, I rent so I do not have an outdoor space or even a formal foyer to consider, but if you have a front door, you can define and maximize that space. You can also benefit by keeping your front door clear and organized; add elements that make it serve as a natural landing zone to drop your things or remove your shoes and outwear. Hall trees or coat racks work great for this, especially if you lack closet space by your front door.

First impressions don’t need to be grand. Small updates can be just as impactful in creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests or creating order for families to make leaving and coming home a smoother routine. It can literally set the tone for the day!





  1. We don’t really have an entry way but our front porch could use a little bit of an overhaul and definitely a good cleaning. Some more great decor picks here, lady!

    xx rebecca //

  2. Makes me wish my entryway was a little larger haha! Townhome problems, I guess. We barely have room for a console table in our foyer, but it won’t be like that forever. Great inspo!

  3. You featured so many great pieces! I love that they are affordable too.

  4. LOVING all of this inspo! I wish our front entry was bigger…it’s more of a little foyer so I don’t have a ton of room for much.

  5. These are great entry pieces! MY house doesn’t have an entry area but I want one in my next house!

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