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With all the extra time I’ve had to really enjoy being inside and appreciating my space, I’ve come to enjoy making it a home.

For those who may not know, I have been renting my duplex for a little over a couple years now and until this year, I had yet to really personalize it and add all of those intimate accents that give a space character. I had all of my major functioning furniture, and although I took time and care to pick out pieces I love, somewhere in there I never finished and the process of curating all of my decorative accents never really happened.

In comes 2020, and I was inspired to finally get my space oragnized because I grew tired of constantly trying to keep my rotating wardrobe in order. So with that specific agenda in mind, I invested in some functional pieces to house my things, and I naturally gravitated towards some decorative accents to style the shelves.

Global pandemics only accelerated my process and allowed for more time and energy to be dedicated to making my place feel more like ‘me.’ This time around I thought it would be fun to curate some color story mood boards, all of which work well together and can be mixed and matched. Neutrals, creamy whites and beige dominate my large furniture and I love to accent my spaces with golds and blush pinks. These tones are where my heart is at so that is where I thought I would kick it off, all with Amazon finds.

Some feminine touches and a sprinkling a glam!


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  1. These pieces make me really want to redo my entire home in pinks and gold tones! I love these feminine western vibes, these are seriously fantastic finds!

  2. loving all the neutral tones and some great picks as always! thanks for sharing girl.

    xx rebecca //

  3. I love that when I move and I’m trying to decorate my new space, I’ll have your website to fall back on since you’ve shared so many great and affordable home decor posts in so many different genres! Beige and bougie is my favorite here.

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