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Ski Vermont.




Here are a few tips for skiers of all levels to help you enjoy the skiing as much as I do!


– Avoid borrowing skis or snowboards from others since they are typically designed based on someone’s height and weight.

– If you are like me and don’t like a crowded mountain, it is best to go on a weekday over the weekend.

– Goggles, a helmet is not only to keep you safe but on cold days it will keep your head warm, and nylon pants are all items worth buying. If it’s a chilly day you might want a balaclava ski mask, which keeps your head warm. It is always best to check the weather forecast every morning before you get dressed to make sure you keep warm and also so you don’t overdress.

– Don’t wear jeans and don’t wear cotton because they absorb water. Make sure your outside layer is waterproof – especially your bottom half incase you fall.

– Don’t wear a cotton under layer or you’ll get cold. Have a thermal layer next to your skin. Use layers of clothes and not big bulky sweaters. It keeps you much warmer!

-Only wear one pair of socks. Oddly more layers will actually make your feet colder.

– Make sure you have lots of pocket space. You can take off layers when you get hot and carry extra ones in case the temperature drops.

– I highly recommend ski lessons to all beginners as well as for people who need refreshers. Basic techniques like turning and wedging, along with how to transition from flat to steeper terrain, are skills that probably won’t be picked up with just a single lesson.

– Look out for the clearly marked signs that rank the terrain’s difficulty. Green circles are for beginners, blue squares are for intermediate skiers, and black and double black diamonds are for the most advanced.

– The ideal day to ski or snowboard is typically two or three days after a snowstorm.You should avoid going on the day after it rains, especially when the temperature drops because the conditions get too firm.




Definitely hands down the best part of my Vermont trip was dog sledding! I highly recommend to try it out if you ever have the opportunity. When I can, I’ll be sure to come back and visit. Before my run, I dressed up as warm as I could. Glad they recommended that or else I would have froze to death! The run was absolutely incredible, It’s great to see the dogs working and how much they really enjoy pulling the sleds. The “driver” shared a lot of fun facts along the way as well as answering many of my questions. I happily ticked a box off my bucket list that day!





I went to the Mountain Top inn specifically for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Let me say, the mountaintop provided the ride of a lifetime! While I was there I also ice skated, went slay ridding,  and enjoyed a yummy lunch. They also offer cross country skiing, snow shoes, and sauna in the spa.

Now lets talk food!

The best meal I had was at the Wobbly Barn. It was definitely a little pricey but so worth it! When ordering your meals there is no need for appetizers, go straight for the salad bar which includes soup and bread. The soups, bread and salad dressing are all homemade and extremely good!


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