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Elegant Office Decor from Amazon

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Even with areas slowly opening back up and people returning to work, many have extended their work from home situation whether by choice or necessity. I was already living that work from home life well before global pandemics, but it took Covid-19 to get be to upgrade my work spaces…. go figure.

If you have been following along on my Instagram, you will have seen me make several updates to decor and organization solutions for my home. Although I have been loving sprucing up my living and bedroom areas, I have been particularly focused on getting my loft work space in order. Those changes have looked a lot like clothing racks, shelving, new seating, decorative accents and a new area rug just to name a few. With the pandemic gift of “more time” I’ve been able to really knit pick on what’s working for me and how best to use my space.

Because I rent a duplex, I do not have a formal office with four walls so I  use the loft space (my second floor landing off the stairs) as my work zone. This is where all the magic happens, and it can get pretty messy quickly, especially when filming try-ons or photographing content. The perks of living my best fashion blogger life I guess, lol.

So now that I have made my bigger furniture purchases and situated them in my space, I’m now looking for smaller accents to dress the space up. Have slowly been adding some faux flowers and plants to start, but have been enjoying rounding up all of these finds as I find my inspiration, (hover images for direct links)!

Have you busied yourself upgrading or adding to any of your living spaces during quarantine?



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  1. The desk mat has been one of my favorite Amazon purchases!

  2. Clearly you’ve been peeking into my office for inspiration, because I have so many of these pieces already. Amazon is really the best place to get your hands on cute office gear! Love the options you picked out.

  3. So many beautiful picks. I love shopping Amazon for our home.

    Xx, Nailil

  4. You are the queen of Amazon, and I absolutely love your round-ups for different home decor. I love a lot of these since they fit the scene in my room. I need a good mirror so I don’t have to use makeup palettes!

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