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What to Wear to a Summer 2017 Wedding

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner22 Comments

Brace yourselves ladies, wedding season is upon us. It’s time for us to put that perfect camera ready smile on and watch your friends and family say “I do”. For all you shopaholics it’s your time to get your shop on as you look for the perfect dress to wear. Nordstrom is your go to for all dresses for all … Read More

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Captain Jack Sparrow Outfit Inspiration

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner15 Comments

Lets just be honest here, I’m a movie addict. I’m that person that buys tickets in bulk since it’s ends up being cheaper. I purchased and reserved seats the other day to see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 before it was even released to the public. I’ve seen every movie in The Fast and the Furious saga multiple times and … Read More

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Favorite Places To Shop Online

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

Going to the mall is my least favorite thing to do. I am just a tad lazy and would prefer not to travel to the mall and deal with so many people and quite frankly, all that walking.  I much prefer laying in bed on my laptop watching Grey’s Anatomy. Typing a few words and I have any store I … Read More

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Sunday’s Binge-worthy TV Shows

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner11 Comments

On Sunday’s I like to get dressed up and normally in all black, which includes my favorite black maxi skirt and ruffle off the shoulder top. Some how without fail every Sunday afternoon I crawl back in bed to binge watch all my favorite TV shows. My favorite thing next to instagram is watching TV with bear. I have my … Read More

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Best Festivals In America 2017

In Travel by Sarah Lindner9 Comments

Gather round one gather round all fellow music lovers! Your guide to the best music festivals in America has arrived. Music is what keeps me sane and able to function in society. Festivals are my release and escape from reality where I can run and dance like the hippie child i am. So here I am to share the wealth … Read More

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How To Apply False Eyelashes

In Beauty by Sarah Lindner12 Comments

How to apply false eyelashes with Meika from Truth and Beauty. As much as I would love to take credit for my beautiful lush eyelashes, I must admit to wearing fake ones. But I will share the secret behind them with you all. I myself am not a huge beauty person but I was willing to learn to stay looking … Read More

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Surviving Mercury In Retrograde

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner21 Comments

This is my go to uniform almost daily. You cant go wrong with a cardigan and a basic white tank. Something totally unrelated but is it just me or does anybody else seem like they’re on edge a little lately? I told my friends how lately I’ve been a grumpy bear and both of their responses were “ well Mercury … Read More

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Silicone Beauty Blender Review

In Beauty by Sarah Lindner17 Comments

Silicone beauty blender review with Meika from Truth and Beauty In the makeup world, the next best eye shadow or foundation is always coming out. Companies continue to try to step up the game and make the best products for their customers to look the best they can. The newest and greatest creation is the Silicone Beauty blender. Similar to … Read More

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Cajun Biscuits and Barbeque

In New York by Sarah Lindner11 Comments

Looking for some homemade southern cooking on the island? Search no more! Biscuits & Barbeque is the go to for amazing, delicious southern food. Hidden in a remote area in Mineola, it’s easy to drive right past and have no idea you’re missing out on some of the best biscuits you’ll ever try. But now you have no excuse not … Read More

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Your Life, Your Dress Code

In Fashion by Sarah Lindner20 Comments

When it comes to attending events, it’s all about the outfit. Showing up and looking absolutely fabulous is always my goal. Express is my go to for the cutest most fashionable items to keep me looking my best. Whether it’s jeans and a sweater for a casual Tuesday, or a sequin dress for a night on the town, Express never … Read More